Excel Worksheet Simulators for Packed-Bed Reactors
by F. Larachi & B.P.A Grandjean
Chemical Engineering Department
Laval University, Québec,  Canada G1K 7P4

   1)  Trickled-Bed Reactor                    2) Flooded-Bed Reactor        3)  Countercurrent Packed-Bed Column


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1) Trickle-Bed Reactor  (downward cocurrent two-phase flow)

Download our Trickle-bed simulator, tbsimul.zip  (and the updated version  tbsimul_update.zip), to simulate mass transfer, pressure drop, liquid holdup,  flow regime transition and wetting efficiency in trickle-flow:

Worksheet example:

2) Flooded-Bed Reactor (upward cocurrent two-phase flow)

Download our flooded-bed  simulator,  flbsimul.zip, to  simulate frictional pressure drop  liquid holdup, and liquid axial dispersion

Worksheet example:

3) Counter-Current Packed-Bed Column

Download our simulator, packedbedsimulator.zip ,  to compute pressure drop, liquid holdup along with loading/flooding capacities and mass transfer properties: