NNFit 2.0


Patrick Cloutier, Cristian Tibirna, Bernard Grandjean et Jules Thibault

Département de génie chimique  Université Laval

Sainte-Foy (Québec) CANADA G1K 7P4

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Software description:

NNFit (Neural Network Fitting) is a non-linear regression program based on multilayered neural network models. NNFit allows the userfriendly development and application of neural emprirical relations between input and output variables. For the sake of usability, the program displays:

·  various tables that give statistical informations on prediction model errors (minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficients)

·  various figures that easier to judge the performance of the developped models.



Copies of the documentation are available in many forms: HTML on line, HTML pages archive, PostScript file archive. If problems arise for downloading these ressources, we can also send the documentation by e-mail. Send a message having the subjet "Query for documentation" and indicating the e-mail address to which the send to be done, and also the format (HTML or PostScript). 

 Distributions available: 

The program is available for the platforms indicated here after, as precompiled binaries. Each distribution file contains the executable and a data file demo.dat (the examples illustrated in the manual are done with these data). The binaries should function at least on systems compatible with the ones indicated in the table. 


Operating System  



Compiled on



369 k 

IBM AIX R 3.2.5 



377 k 

Digital Unix 3.0




321 k 

326 k

HP-UX A.09.05 

HP-UX 10.

Linux dynamique 


233 k 

lié contre libc-5.3.12 sur Linux 2.0.27 ELF 

Linux statique 


546 k 

Linux 2.0.27 ELF



394 k 

Irix 5.3 



357 k 

SunOS 4.1.4 


The XForms library is not required. 
The dynamically linked Linux binary will function on Linux systems having libc at least version 5.3.12. However, the statically linked one should function on any ELF capable Linux system. 


The development of NNFit was conducted primarily on systems base on Linux.
The graphics library used for building the NNFit's graphic interface is XForms.
The graphics in these pages are made by GIMP
Professors Grandjean and Thibault acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.
The authors acknowledge the assistance or support of:
-Florent Parent and professor René Lacroix for compilation on Sun and SGI
-Jean-Jacques Maine and professor Dudukovic (Washington University) for compilation on DEC.